The perfect blend of maximum performance and versatility

LANISOR is the latest development of the FFF GROUP. The acoustically highly effective fibre-reinforced composite ensures a high level of sound absorption, even with a low material thickness.

LANISOR can be used as a sound absorber to enhance acoustics and reduce noise in all areas. The result: increased speech intelligibility, reduced reverberation times and a better acoustic environment.

By guaranteeing less noise in buildings, vehicles and at the workplace, LANISOR ensures a higher quality of life and enhances performance capability.



All the benefits at a glance

  • Highly-effective sound absorption
  • Low material thickness
  • Flexible use
  • Different thicknesses and degrees of hardness
  • Dust-free processing
  • Pliable and dimensionally stable
  • Low weight
  • Available in almost all colours
  • Can be used as a composite
  • Wide range of additional properties

    Development questions

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