Highly effective

Noise penetrates the LANISOR surface and diffuses in the material. As a result of the friction on the fibre surfaces, the kinetic energy of the noise is dissipated as heat energy. The highly-compressed fibres support this effect much more than conventional materials.

Highly flexible in every respect
LANISOR is available in a very wide range of thicknesses and degrees of hardness. This outstanding material property allows the fibre-reinforced composite to be
employed in almost any situation. The material’s flexibility also permits sound absorption in the most difficult conditions.

LANISOR is pliable and retains the shape it is moulded into permanently. This enables even simple 3D shapes to be turned into acoustically effective objects in a room. The design is subject to no limitations.

A material for every situation
Available in almost every colour, LANISOR can be optically customised.
Because it can be equipped with a wide range of additional properties – for instance it can be made water and oil repellent or have an antibacterial effect –
LANISOR is versatile in its application.

LANISOR can be used as a sound absorber to enhance acoustics and reduce noise in all areas.

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